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Lake Hills, IL - To our great disappointment, the Village of Lake Hills has announced that we are no longer proud to host the Summer CHI. We are seriously considering canceling the biggest summer event in Illinois. A calendar month marks the end of Illinois' "Homestorm" released on April 9, 2020 (42nd), "the governor said. Lake Hill Art Center, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, is located on the west side of Chicago, Illinois, east of Interstate 70.

The event has been awarded prizes and is one of the largest and most successful art events in the state of Illinois. Step out of the grounds, step out of it a little and you will find yourself in a market beyond the oaks, the lakeside and Lake Hills Park.

Illinois' Food, Wine and Beer Festivals, including the Food & Wine & Beer Show at the Peoria Art Museum. The mission of the festival is to support the arts, food, wine, beer and craft beer festivals in Illinois and beyond. Events are held throughout the state, but mainly in the Peoria area, including Chicago, Chicago-area, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Chicago.

If you're not at the Peoria Art Museum for the Food & Wine & Beer Show, you can view tickets online or by calling (773) 762-5555.

This summer's Camp Music Festival will occupy the parking lot in front of the Peoria Art Museum and feature a variety of live music by local artists and bands. This is the only free music festival left in Westmont and one of only a few in the state.

There are amazing musicians playing all day in an outdoor venue, which is why Illinois music festivals are a hot ticket. The Chicago Jazz Festival will feature some of the world's best jazz musicians, artists and musicians from across the United States with a new, extended festival date in Westmont, Illinois, July 2-4, 2016. This annual electronic music festival in Chicago, Illinois, focuses on electronic music played by leading DJs and producers from around the world.

For more information, please visit the "Friends of the Library" section of the "Voters" section of the website. Find out what's going on in Illinois and Chicago, and if you want to visit the Westmont Public Library, Illinois State Library or one of its branches, Illinois has plenty to offer for entertainment, cultural experiences and recreation for adults and children. Call our library at (847) 762-4357 for more information, or see our "Library of Friends" section on the voter tabs at http: / / www.

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We host the best breweries in Illinois, have fun runs with them from start to finish, and were featured on ABC 7 Chicago to inspire people to "be active, have fun, and give back."

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Finally, a brief remark on the history of Westmont, Illinois, and the state of Illinois as a whole: the nation's first state.

This one - or one - type of exhibition is sponsored by a dozen local companies that collaborate with local artists who design and paint. Romeoville is a great place to discover the art of Westmont, Illinois and the history of the state of Illinois in general.

More About Westmont

More About Westmont